Friday, November 28, 2014

November 24th, 2014

Ah man im so excited/ not excited for thanksgiving because I know that im going to have to eat way too much food, we already have 2 dinners planned and we will probably eat a couple other dinners too and its just going to be a rough day hahaha. it is going to be great because its the only day that I can be a gringo and play american football hahaha, all the other times i have to play futbol. well i dont know if y'all heard but im coming home a week early now because they are getting a new mission president that next week and they want everything to run smoothly with that. so instead im now coming home Wednesday the 24th of june, thats barely over 23 months! im so mad!!  ah man well in 7 months i want to go wakeboarding hahaha
So The baptism went really great! We got there early and we were filling up the font and making the program and it was all going great when we realized that hey nobody has keys to the closet with the baptismal clothes in them!!! So basically everything was super crazy and hectic and all that fun stuff and I don't know how they opened it up because i was getting all the programs ready. Well I came around the corner after getting those done and they had it opened and kelly had her clothes to change into and my heart skipped a beat! i was soo happy! the Baptism went super well and a ton of her family showed up, there were more non-members than members there, it was great! she loved it and then yesterday she was confirmed and she was so happy! its just
so great to see how the gospel changes lives! i love y'all so much and hope y'all have a wonderful week! 
Elder Park 

November 17th, 2014

wow thats a pretty crazy day! ya i got the package thanks you so much! the waffle crisp is sooo good hahahaha, and i can now bike in the dark hahah. well i have been looking a lot at our family history and you should check out the story of Gilbert Belnap my 4th great grandpa on mom's side. its crazy! hahah ya i can give a talk as easy in spanish now as easy as i can in english. so still not perfect haha. well i could do that, or i could translate the talk for you and teach you how to read it haha well love y'all! have a great week!
Well we are going to have a baptism on Saturday and its going to be so great! its for a girl named kelly, its crazy how fast she has changed! Last Sunday was her first Sunday at church and she loved it, she was so excited to come back. She then texted us that night giving a chapter summary of 1 Nephi 2. we didnt even ask her to do that and we were super excited to get that text! The reason it was her first day was because she has always had work and she finally got off early enough to come. Well Monday night she texted us and said "I quit my job. God comes first" and my companion and I basically lost our minds we were so happy! Then on Tuesday she came to the church for young women's for the first time a little early so that we could have a lesson and we went over the baptismal interview questions with her and she was like I really want to get baptized! It was a really great lesson and we set a date for her on the 22nd . Then on Wednesday she texted us and said that she had something that day and she was freaking out, we told her that we could just do it after and she texted "Omg yesss yess okay i need to get baptized this means a lot to me" and once again my companion and I basically lost our minds. Then on Thursday we had another lesson with her about family history and she was just going crazy trying to find all the info she could, it was really great to watch. Then yesterday at church she brought her cousin and her little brother to church and she is just on fire for baptism, her conversion was like overnight it was so great to see!
Elder Park

November 3rd, 2014

Wow its really starting to cool off over there! its starting to cool down here too, its been around 60  to 70 here and I have been needing a sweater, we are on bikes this next week though so I will definitely be needing to wear my sweaters hahaha ya sometimes we email at like 10:30 here and then other times not till later because the sisters come and email and they don't want us in the building together. indexing is pretty fun, I wish I had a little bit more time to do it but that's okay. Well ya that would definitely be a peaceful way to go. Whenever I go I want to go like that, in my sleep when im 100 though. my companions crazy he says that he wants to go kinda like the crazy uncles in second hand lions hahaha. we started talking about the movie better off dead the other day and it was super funny, and then that lead to princess bride and I was just like ahhh ya that movie is the best hahahaha well I hope y'all have a wonderful day.  o and if y'all could stop by president taylor's shop and buy a bike head light because we haven't had time to stop by the other store. plus with daylight savings we got less light. that would be great. well I love y'all! have a great week!

October 27th, 2014

Well this past week was a super eventful one for both good and bad. Last monday we went to some burrito place and we ate an 18 inch giant burrito and got free tee-shirts, it was super fun hahaha, then we had dinner a few hours later and ooo man was i stuffed! Then on Tuesday I lost my headlight on my bike so for the rest of the week I was riding around in the dark, good thing im in Raleigh and there are streetlights everywhere. Dont worry im going to the bike shop today to see how much the lights are, if its more that like 25 bucks i might just have y'all get one from President Taylor's shop, but i will let you know if i buy it next week.  on Friday we had an AMAZING study about the Book of Mormon and why its super important and why we need to share it with people and it was just a wonderful and revelatory study, it definitely changed how I view the Book of Mormon. Later in the day we were out tracting and a guy walked up to us and was like "lately I feel like I have been needing a spiritual boost, and I feel like y'all can help me. I mean I have already found Jesus but I feel like i'm missing something" we were just like...... what...... it was soooo great! Later we were teaching a lesson about the BOM and it was crazy how we were able to put our study into that lesson and he loved it! on the way to another lesson we were biking along and some lady didn't see me and almost hit me while she was turning. I made a skid mark like 10 feet long and was going sideways and it was soooo awesome. I could have licked her car that's how close I was, but I never hit it, it was so amazing. Then on Saturday we met a man that well i forgot his name because he told us to call him black. He was super funny, and he was like I like it when you white people call me black because it shows that im not prejudice. he was hilarious to say he least. Then yesterday while on the bikes everything was going wrong. My tire got a few flats, while i was fixing it my watch broke so I was a little frustrated to say the least and so I just took a little break and calmed down and I was just like ah man i have to teach someone or im going to go crazy. So then we taught a lesson and it was amazing and so I was able to calm down. so with all the ups and downs this week it will be one to remember hahaha well i love y'all tons and hope you have a wonderful day!
Elder Park
and after Burrito!
Free T shirts from eating the 18 inch burrito

October 20th, 2014

 well this week was a really great one here. we had the most lessons we had since i have been here and we have just been on fire. our trio is getting split up, elder Rogers is getting transferred so now its just going to be me to finish training elder teeples. Yesterday was the primary program too so that was really good! we were combined with the Raleigh 2 ward because they have primary together so it was a little weird to hear a meeting in english again haha. it was mixed between english and spanish too it was very interesting, and there were both bishops on the stand hahaah well i love yall and hope you have a great day! 
Elder Park

October 13th, 2014

At Sarju's Baptism
yes i got all the packages and they were great im super excited to get some pumpkins and use the stuff. well im running short on time so i have to go but ill just tell y'all about my awesome week! Well this week was absolutely amazing! So after Zone Conference last Wednesday we got to watch Meet the Mormons which was a really great movie. When they showed the part about the Navy football team I saw one of the guys who played on Cottonwood's team and I was like hey i played with him! Then on Friday we got to go to the temple which was absolutely amazing! I love going to the temple it's just the best place ever! it is soooo peaceful. Then on
Saturday night i got to go back to my last area and see a lady named Sarju get baptized that i taught for 6 months! She didn't see me when I walked in and then I was invited to say the closing prayer and when I got done saying the prayer she just jumped out of her chair and gave me a hug (don't worry she is like a 50 year old lady) she was soooo happy to see me and i was sooo happy to be there to support her. When i was sitting next to her and talking to her she said " I just kept fighting you for so long and now i'm here and i'm so happy, and i knew you would be really happy too!" and I was like o you bet im super happy! she is the sweetest old lady ever! My old companion said that another investigator that i taught is going to be baptized next month so I'm hoping that I will be able to go to that too! it was great to see all the old members from the Pittsboro branch they are the best! well i love y'all soooo much! have a great week!
Elder Park
Sarju and Nic
Temple Photo Shoot! 

October 5th, 2014

Well Conference was absolutely amazing! Mom im sure you got a kick out of President Eyring's talk on sunday morning about him getting home late and trying to sneak in so that he wouldn't wake up his mom but she was up waiting for him. I know i got a kick out of it and though of you hahahaha. Man that sounds like fun just going out and grabbing potatoes, an investigator gave us a big bag of potatoes this week and I realized i haven't had a baked potato in like 9 months so i have been eating them like every day because i just think they are so good. 
This past week we set up a member home lesson with the bishops family and an investigator that we have named kelly, because she is friends with the bishops daughter. Well we have been teaching kelly for quite a while and we have never been able to get a member to go with us because its always sporadic lessons with her. Well this was definitely what she needed. So we had a really good dinner with the family but then the bishop had to leave for something so we had to go outside because there was no other man home. We were planning on watching the Restoration video so it was a pretty big bummer that we had to go outside but Sister Larkin just went to work! She just started off and was like have you heard all the discussions? and kelly said ya. then she was like So why haven't you been baptized, you know what we need to do, we need to set a date for you, when would work? that started out the lesson... it was great! kelly has had some hard times just acting and so this lesson was super great! she commited to being baptized on the 25 of october! after the lesson when we were at home we were just like... what.... just....  happened... it was great! 

September 29th, 2014

Well the weather here has been pretty great! its cooled down to 60 for a couple of days and we put on some sweaters because we thought it was too cold hahaha. The past few weeks its really cooled down and my boy Elder Teeples from Alaska has been loving it! I told him he is going to hate next summer because the heat that he has seen the past few weeks was nothing!!!! We are doing so great here! This past week was the best one i have had in Raleigh because we were just going out and talking to so many people and just doing work and it was so great! one of the days in the week my boy had a doctors appointment super far away and that basically took up the entire day so we only had a 6 day week and it was still the best! A lady in my last area is getting baptized and i might be able to go back! if i can that would be soooo fun! another great thing about a trio is that splits are just so easy! yesterday Elder Rogers was feeling sick so we went home and called a member and Elder Teeples and the member went out while Elder Rogers and I stayed home and made a bunch of calls and plans for the next few days and it was just really great! hahah we didn't know it was fast sunday either until the night before because we had dinner over at the bishops house and we asked him if it was going to be or not, but most of the ward didn't know it was funny! This week we went out with our Ward Mission Leader and it was great! we went to go see a part member family and he was just being so bold and calling them to repentance, it was so intense and there is no way that we would ever be that bold but i think its what they needed to hear to just get a little push to act. all in all it was a really great week! i love y'all and hope you have a great week! p.s. thanks for the package!!!! 
Elder Park

September 22nd, 2014

Well the training is going sooo great! my boy is absolutely amazing! it feels like im not even training because he is just sooo ready to just go out and get to work and he is not afraid to just speak in lessons and on contacts its great. I feel like i was training more last transfer with my previous companion because he didn't like to talk at all and he didn't know much spanish. he was a great learning experience though! well we have been knocking a new apartment complex and we have found a lot of new people that we are hopefully going to start teaching soon. there is a few people that are so close to baptism but just need a few more things. Andrez,Omar, Kelly, and Giovanni. We are hoping they will be baptized soon!

 well the area is absolutely amazing! we get fed sooo much and its crazy there are so many

got to love flats..
hispanic members here its sooo great! we are starting to cool down quite a bit but it is still pretty hot hahhaa biking isn't as miserable though! well things are going soo great! My companions and I are having so much fun we are just going out and having a ball teaching and finding, we are working on the baptizing! This week was a pretty crazy one. On Wednesday, while on exchanges, my companion got hit on his bike. He wasn't hurt at all but his bike was pretty messed up. We went to REI to go get an estimate to see how much it would cost to fix it and they said it would be like 200 dollars! He was pretty bummed but he filled some accident report thing and the church is looking into it so we don't know if he will have to pay for it. The next day my tire exploaded which took a while to repair but I had a patch kit so I could fix it up. Then the next day on a bike that he was borrowing from another Elder he had the front tire completely blow up on him. We couldn't fix it with patches because it wasn't just the tube that blew up the tire did too so now he for sure has to buy a new tire it was a very event filled week while on the bikes.  After that last one we had to walk to our next appointment that was like a 40 min walk, it wasn't the funnest but thats okay.  Even through all of that we didn't let that get us down we just kept on going it was great. He didn't let all that stuff get to him. The funniest thing was that during weekly planning he told us that last week one of his goals was that he would be more patient and we just laughed sooooo hard it was so funny! So the lord definitely answers our prayers and gives us what we ask for. So we made a goal never to ask for more patience hahahahaha well love you have a great day!
Elder Park 

September 14th, 2014

Nic and his Trio! Elder Teeples and Elder Rogers
Elder Teeples came from the Provo MTC because his spanish was super good and he only spend 12 days in the MTC. I didn't know Elder Rogers yet. When i first saw him I was like ah man he is going to be weird but ooo man they are both super fun its great! I did meet Elder Ostergar, I said hi to him and talked to him for a little bit after the trainer meeting. Wow the weather has been amazing, it cooled down to probably 80's all week and when we are biking I feel like I almost want a coat! hahahhaha not really though because I love the cold but i just love how cold it has been feeling this past week!  Elder Teeples has Cystic Fibrosis so we need to have a least an hour of exercise everyday so I'm starting to have more time to work out which is really great! Whats crazy though is how many pills he has to take and stuff, he unloaded his suitcase and it looks like he is a drug dealer hahaha. then Elder Rogers keeps contemplating how he is going to mess with america by interrupting the super bowl (not seriously) so basically i have a drug dealer and a terrorist as companions... help me.... hahhahahahaha jk. something that has started to grown on me out here is country music, never thought i would see the day. Well i guess the mission does things to you.... hahhaaha. Well this week was super great with my companions, its so nice having two other people that can talk on contacts and teach in lessons. Im just loving this trio and I hope they keep us here! i love y'all tons and hope you have a great week!
Elder Park    

September 1st, 2014

well this week is going to be a little short because im running low on time but thanks for the package it was great!!!! it was very needed too because i was having a bit of a rough day and then i look in the mailbox and i had a package and i was sooo happy. the waffle crisp was a heaven sent hahaha. the ties were pretty good too hahaha and i LOVE the shirt! it was so great! well story for ya. so in the very start of the rest hymn between speakers the person who was leading the song, he stopped the hymn and was like hey the hymn says with excitement, start over! it was sooooooo funny everyone could barely sing because we were all laughing it was super funny. well i have to go but i love y'all tons!!!!!
Elder Park

August 24, 2014

wow its crazy that classes are already starting up again!  oooo man y'all made quite a bit of salsa! its been raining here a ton too! luckily this week we were in the car. which reminds me so i took my bike to the shop because there were sooo many problems with it and then they told me an estimate of like 100 dollars it would cost to fix it all up and get me running new so if you could put maybe like 50 bucks on my card that would be wonderful so that i know i have enough when i go to the shop to pick up my bike. they are putting metal petals on it because my plastic ones were like in half haha. ya i heard there was a huge hail storm!. Well we had our interviews with the Mission President this week...... I'm training!!!!!! oooo man im so excited and sooo nervous its going to be crazy! something amazing is that he also told me im going to be getting another companion so we are going to be in a trio! that's going to be completely crazy because that means that this ward will have 9 missionaries in it! They are so on fire for missionary work! So im sad that I will be saying goodbye to another companion after only one transfer with him but I am so excited to be in a trio. We are basically going to get no sleep though because im sure we are going to be up late talking a lot hahaha. Still in bed though so we aren't breaking any rules hahaha. After the interview i was talking with Sister Bernhisel, the mission presidents wife, and she told me that there are 3 spanish missionaries coming. one from Arkansas, one from Holliday Utan, and one from Oregon but the one from Oregon isn't actually from there, his family just moved there recently from London, but his family line comes from Africa so he is black. I want to be his companion sooo bad hahaha but we will see! two weeks from tomorrow and i will get to meet my new boy! but ya if y'all want to send some salsa that would be great. send it in a plastic container hahaha. well i love y'all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Park

August 18, 2014
The camaras in my last area. they are super great!
i got a tick! that thing held on for sooo long!

This is some old investigators

We had a pioneer day activity and it was so fun!
I never lost the strength competitions hahah

The perez were an awesome family in my last area, the little girl brittany was soooo funny

We went Fishing one day

This past week we were on bikes the entire week so it was crazy how much biking we did so that we could visit all the people that we had appointments with. We were biking for I would say at least 2 hours everyday! it was suuuper long and exhausting. but it was super great! we found a whole new huge appartment complex that we are going to tract out so that we can get a whole bunch of new investigators because we are going to have to clean out our investigator pool because they just wont ever keep appointments. My bike is a little messed up so im going to have to take it to the shop to fix it. my pedals are like in half hahah and my water bottle holder busted so im going to see if i get get a new one at the bike shop so y'all dont have to send one out. im soooooooooooooo glad that i came out with that camelback though. without that i would have died this week hahaah i have been drinking like a gallon and a half of water everyday! its been sooo hot and humid its crazy! Well i love it though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So basically when we would get home everyday we would just go in and die hahah we would lay down for like 5 minutes at least before we would do anything haha. North Carolina is pretty much just hill after hill, and after about 20 miles of that for a whole week you just want to die hahah so i know a little bit of how you feel dad. well i did do it in a shirt and tie with slacks so i feel like even though you went further we are evenly matched hahahah  I have had to do quite a bit of translating in my last area and hopefully ill get some more chances so i can be nice and practiced up. Well i hope y'all have a wonderful week! im a little shot for time because we are about to go to an outdoor lazer tag place and go have a blast, it sounds weird but so much fun! love y'all!
Elder Park

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11 2014

 its a spanish ward! its the only one in the mission and im sooooo excited to be here, there are just sooo man hispanics all over the place its sooo great. and we dont live 20 miles away from the church like in my past 2 areas. we only live like 2 miles away its great! Well the city isnt too big, well at least my area of it doesn't seem too big, but i dont cover downtown. to me its kinda like taylorsville population density. ya i can see that element to it, it definitely seems more homey in the city. oo ya you have to love that baptist flair to it haha well love you!Elder Park

August 4th 2014

getting wet

WELL THIS WEEK WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For most of my mission i have been out in the boonies with little spanish groups and stuff like that but just barely I got transferred to Raleigh and it is great! big city!!! its the only spanish ward we have in the mission and they members here are on fire, there are 4 sets of missionaries in this ward and we are all doing work!! well im follow up training so my new companion is Elder Harris he is from Idaho and when all the missionaries say where they are from and we all say utah, they say well thats where you all are from and he is like no im not! and people just say ahh its like the same thing. we were talking about it this morning and we established that idaho is just like utah just a ton more boring hahaha. He has no sense of direction hahaha the other day we were biking and we biked 5 miles in the wrong direction and i was like what in the world im going to kill you hahah. not to mention it was raining the whole time so we got super soaked. Its been raining all week here and now we share a car with some other elders and so last week we were on bikes the whole time so that was super fun! we were just getting so soaked and i just started whistling and just having so much fun! it has been a tough week because no one was answering the door and one lady called the cops on us but i just am having so much fun that i dont even care hahaha. I LOVE HARD WEEKS!  yesterday we were in a lesson and this man had so many questions and i was answering them all with scriptures and then when we got out i was like o man i do know spanish... and i know the scriptures a lot better than i think! it was a great experience. There are so many great people here and im so excited to work here, we are hoping to have 2 baptisms by the end of the month! we will see though because we have no idea who yet but we will just keep chugging along! i did get the card and the box so thank you so much well im cutting this one short so i can send pics!!! love y'all!
Elder Park

July 28th 2014

Yesterday there was a part-member family that had two of their kids blessed, their little baby girl and a toddler boy. We have been teaching the father and he has been coming to church pretty often so its going great with him.  Well the mom asked if we would be in on the blessings. That was a really neat experience that's the first time that I have been on a baby blessing, and a child blessing. Julian, the toddler is always so crazy and running around but during the blessing he was silent and didn't move at all it was crazy. Then right after he was back to himself haha. They had a party after at their house and we talked with quite a few people there, even handed out a Book of Mormon. it was really great! well i hope y'all have a really great week!
Elder Park

July 21 2014

well i wont know anything more than i told y'all about the transfer news until im in the transfer meeting next tuesday. The heat and the humidy are crazy!!!! this past week we decided that we were going to ride bikes only for a few days too so it was extra hot haha. it was nice though because my legs are looking pretty good hahaha
All the banana Peels after all the green smoothies
. aaah man that sounds like some pretty good meals.speaking of which this past week my companion and I decided that we were going to eat green smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. it was a long week but we survived! We were so glad when we got member dinners because we said that when we are there we cant control what they feed us so those are free game so we would go soooo hard. yesterday we ate sooooo much we both felt like we were going to puke! I really love lasagna hahaha. we made it through the week though! well just going on the spot gets easier and easier, as long as you have a testimony of the gospel thats all you need. well have fun at scout camp!!! Well last night i woke up at 4 o clock and there was this light on that hadn't worked in the past 2 months and i was like what the heck!!! i checked the house to make sure no one was in it but i guess the light just decided to work all the sudden in scared me a little bit though for a bit haha i got this memory foam pad from some other elders to put on my bed like the one i had back home and it is sooooo nice! im definitely taking it with me when i go to my new area haha i dont care how much room it takes up. well i love y'all tons and hope you have a wonderful week! 

Elder Park and some members who just moved from Utah
This is called a torta soo good!
Nics last day at Pittsboro
Nic and his old companion have matching ties

July 14th 2014

ya this year just flew by. there are the times when i look back and think, there is no way that im halfway done 
Half way!

with my mission, then there are others where im like man i have been gone for a long time. thats okay about the letters. i wanted to ask you though if you got both the boxes i sent home. Well today we got a call from the Mission President and I'm finally getting transferred in 2 weeks! It's been 6 months since i have been here and im super excited but i will definitely miss this branch! the people are so great here! Im also a little sad because Elder Ashcroft and I have been getting along really well and we are only going to be companions for 6 weeks. When I get transferred I will be follow up training. So basically Im going to be with a greenie. We are thinking that im going to be going somewhere around Wilmington, so right by the beach, but we dont know for sure its all just speculation at this point. So if there are any letters that anyone is going to be sending in the after this week then send them through the mission home address in raleigh so that i get them at my new place. i'll still be in Pittsboro until the 28th.  sounds like you have quite a busy schedule.  aaaaaa man tilamuk cheese.... sooooo good hahaha.  well take some pics up there and send them to me!  i love you so much and hope you have a great week!
on that 4th ha ha MERICA!!!

June 30th 2014

 My new companion is great! we are having so much fun together! its been going really great! Im so glad to get a companion that I get along with again!!!!  Well missionary work is going great out here for me! We found 5 new investigators this past week! The district is really focusing on finding investigators because 2 areas opened and another area pretty much started fresh so we had 3 areas in the district without much work at the beginning but we are all finding and it is going great! Elder Ashcroft and I hardly have time to have dinners with members anymore because we are teaching so much. Most members live like 30 minutes away so to get there and back is like an hour of traveling and we just don't have the time for that which is awesome! we are just teaching, teaching, teaching! We have been finding a ton of spanish investigators now so pretty much like 80% of the work is in spanish, which is great. I have felt like my spanish was just not growing for the longest time but now we are doing a ton of spanish! In fact since my last companion left i have been helping translate for church. I just let him do it all because he was hispanic so he was just good at translating into spanish so he did all that but now ive been helping and at first i felt really scared but now im just like ah whatever ill do it. it is just going really great! so im doing really good! I hope y'all have an amazing weekend! tell everyone i say Hi and that I love them!!! Elder Park 

June 23 2014

things went great with transfers! I'm still here in Silar City and I'm with elder named elder Ashcroft. He was trained by my mission brother so funny thing is that even though im his mission uncle, he is District Leader and Senior Companion. He has been out six weeks longer than me, so its nice to not hear about home all the time and all this trunky stuff. its just work, work, work! he is from Logan. So so far I have had 5 baptisms. I have yet to baptize and find a family but i am trying my best to do that! I really want to be able to do that so that maybe one day I can go to the temple with them in the future and see them get sealed that would be the best! We are working with a lot of people right now and there are quite a few people with a lot of potential. Hopefully there will be a lot of success soon!  hahhahaa ooo i hear alll about the world cup. I already know sooo much about whats going on with every team and just about ever game that involves the us, germany, mexico, spain, italy, honduras, and a lot of others. its crazy how obsessed people are with it! im going for germany! I mean go US ya but after them its all germany! So this week was a little crazy, the other day I found a tick on my calf. that was a little scary. i got him out though so all is good. I have been having some stomach aches for the past few days but i think its just because im not drinking enough water in this heat so i will be sure to drink up a ton!!!! i love y'all and hope you have a wonderful week!  
Elder Park 

June 16th 2014

Ya that fathers video is amazing! the first time i watched it I almost teared up!. so is the garden already ready to start making salsa? i dont know how that would do in postage but if possible y'all should send me some hahaha. Well I still dont know who my companion is going to be, im going to be finding out tomorrow. Im pretty sure its going to be an elder named elder salinas but idk for sure. I know im staying here for another transfer.  well i hope that y'all had a great fathers day! a lot of people asked if we got to call home yesterday as well and we were like no we dont get to and they were just like man dads get jipt! I had a pretty good week, im excited to not have to hear about at every appointment we have about home. with elder sosa everyone would always ask and man it was just annoying and hard, but i wont have to hear about it anymore so im glad. well i love y'all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Park 

June 9 2014

awe man everyone is talking about boating! we were at a members house last night for dinner and he was sitting there talking about boating and snowmobiles and i was like ahhh come on your killiing me! it was just a big talk about home fest because elder sosa is going to be leaving next week so it was crazy, when i get my new companion I definitely wont miss that! hahaha i was sitting there and thinking about how thats the last thing we did as a family and awe man after that I was done for hahaha. Well i dont usually get on facebook from saturdays to mondays so i might be able to see the pics tomorrow.  Well this week was a really great week for us! we were super busy and it felt like we needed clones so we could get some help! We also got a lot of things set up for this week so it will be a good last week for him before he goes home. We found a lot of people that we are going to start teaching, as well as we are working with a lot of less active members and its just really great! With all the work we have done here in Silar City, they are going to need a branch here soon! it was a really good sunday yesterday! we had 4 investigators come to church and we also had a bunch of less active members come too, one lady that I have never seen at church came too! it was just really good, then after church we had one of the best correlations with the branch that I have ever had so we are hopefully going to be getting a lot of help too! Im so glad that the Pittsboro sisters are going to be coming back next week because we just don't have the time to do everything! thanks for always reminding me to obey the rules hahah even though sometimes i think a few are dumb hahah love y'all so much and I hope you are doing great! Have a great week!
Elder Park

June 2 2014

wow you are already going to be done with school! thats crazy, a lot of my friends are telling me how all the graduating seniors are getting all their mission calls and its crazy! how did you make the hummus? hahahah  ya getting the packages are the best! there is always something really great in there! o hahaha he (his companion) is doing good, every dinner people always ask how long we have left and we just laugh everytime, then he says 2 weeks and there like o my hahah. ima keep him working hard till the very end. well i hope you do great at the tri! well just keep running and running. something that helps me when i run in the morning is i hum some hymns. It keeps me at peace while im exercising. idk if other music would work better but i cant listen to that right now hahaha. 

 I think I might be training when elder sosa goes home because he is the only spanish missionary going home and there is only 1 spanish missionary coming, but idk we will see. elder sosa also tells me im going to be District Leader but i dont think so. when i find out i will let y'all know! the loosing weight is going great! my belt that i got when i left im on the very last thing and ive still got room! so ive been doing really good. a member showed me how to shorten it though so i can keep wearing it haha. I have no idea how much i have lost because we dont have a scale but i think im around 20 lbs. Well this week was a great week. It feels like we were just all over the place because of how busy we were, it was great! One of the investigators that we found last week, we visited a few times this week and her progression thus far is amazing. She loved church yesterday and we had a great lesson with her. she told us "Well i have been doing as y'all have said and been praying to know if i should be baptized and I feel like im ready to be baptized, I really want to be baptized in your church."  That was after just one time at church! So prayers work miracles! Its been a good week and a start to an amazing month! Well i love y'all and hope you are doing great!
Elder Park

May 27 2014

well that sounds like you will get a lot of crazy diet tips, thats what brother oakley gives me almost every time we are going to eat something. lots of the times I just say okay brother oakley because he is just sooo crazy its hilarious. so you are going to do the Seattle to Portland and the LoToJa this year?. Things are going really good for me recently, we are planning to have a really great month of june! the area is just taking off! we are starting to teach so much and its going great! We are also hoping to have a few baptisms that month. My companion Elder Sosa goes home on the 18th of June so we are hoping to have at least one of them before he leaves. and ya he is pretty trunky hahaha. well it doesnt really feel like spring anymore out here, it feels like summer. Always hot! It just cooled down quite a bit though because it is raining but not too much and now its more humid so it kinda cancels out haha. Holy guacamole! thats a lot of plants! that reminds me of the other day we went to go see a less active and he had the biggest garden i have ever seen! it was probably only a little bit wider than our garden but it was like from the far side of daniels fence to the other far side of bobs fence it was huge!   ya the curb thing . love y'all tons and hope you are doing great!
Elder Park

May 18th 2014
hahah yes they made me the cake that they promised and it was really good they even put some candles on it and i got to blow them out i have videos of it but for some reason i cant send videos. haha ya the birthday package came before the letter you sent on the same day! i was like what in the world haha. the pictures were great! thank you so much! i opened it up that night hahahaha ya its crazy to think that it has been a whole year since then! no baptisms yet but we have a few people that we are going to be pushing for the beginning weeks of June! o man doritoes are the best!!!! i havent had any in a while though, but i am loosing weight so i am happy. there was this pair of pants that i found in the closet when i first got here to silar city and man those things were small but i put them on the other day and they fit really good!!! so im doing really good! i am still going to keep going though! its been going good! well i have to go but i love y'all tons and hope you are doing great!  thats a 
love Elder Park

May 12 2014

ya it was great to see y'all!  tell them and everyone else i say hi!  love you a ton and hope you have a great week!  I got a disk from a member today that has a whole bunch of steve young cards that he owns on it, his collection was huge! he even gave me a steve young card as well as a Peyton Manning card, and it is the only card in the world that looks exactly like that one, it was pretty great!
hahahah ya we go to the Oakleys' like 2 or 3 times a week, we at least have dinner once a week with them and we have quite a few lessons with them in their house with investigators. We are teaching like 5 people in their neighborhood so they are being great fellowshippers and finders! sorry this is super short this week. The members house that we went to to see his sports memorabilia took a lot longer than we thought but it was great! his collection is worth like 600,000 dollars! it was crazy! love you tons and hope y'all have a great week! 
Elder Park  take care!

May 5th 2014

 everything is going great! well i dont think that i will have too hard of a time because its preparation day so half of my day im not with people who will give me food hahaha. Well I have been doing really good recently. Last Saturday Elder Anderson came and visited our mission! It was so amazing to be right in front of an Apostle! Everyone even got to shake his hand, which was really great. He talked a lot about the Savior and his love for us, and about how there is so many scriptures in the BOM that talk about that. He had us go through different scriptures all over the BOM and we talked about them. Something that I loved that he said was "if you don't know what to talk about, just start talking about the Savior. It's our job to testify of Christ, not convince them of the truthfulness of the BOM." I really liked that, then later he started talking about how we need to have true love for our investigators if we are to really help them to progress, and that really stuck to me too. That night we put all that into play and we had an amazing lesson with an investigator that hasn't really been putting in his part to progress and learn. It was the best lesson we had all week! I think he really started to feel how much we loved him and that had an impact on him. 
i love y'all tons say hi to everyone for me! 
Elder Park

Sunday, May 11, 2014

April 28th 2014

hahaha ya i knew that you were going to freak about the tornadoes!!!!! haha no i did not see one the closest one was pretty far away from me and there was only a little bit of damage from what i heard.

holy guacamole thats a lot of Q's hahhaa. i have limited time so here are some answers. life is really great here! the spring is beautiful here! i heard all of conference and even one session in spanish. i liked elder Oaks talk. yes that is still my favorite song, but there are so many that are pretty high up there now! my companion is elder Sosa he is from Honduras. easter was really great for me out here. holidays are soooo different out here because you are not with family but they are still pretty fun. my favorite lesson to teach people is the Restoration because i know how much it can change peoples lives if they will but listen. The basics that you need to know are in the scriptures so they help a lot and Preach My Gospel is amazing! Spanish is coming along really good, i would say im fluent.  hahaha i will try my best to be just as nice when i come home hahaha love you and miss y'all tons!
Elder Park

April 21st 2014

yes i did get my sunshine package and it was great!!!! the card was funny. i think you might like it a bit too much ahhahaha. hahaha ya im pretty excited to call again! so im going pretty healthy now to lose some of the weight that i have gained hahahah so if you could refrain from sending candy and stuff like that that would be great. you can send me like light buttered popcorn or nuts or granola bars or stuff like that instead of unhealthy stuff that would be great! send a carrot cake without frosting and that would be great! if the thing you are making for my birthday is food then that is okay i will still eat it but for future reference!
Well this last week was a really good week, there was this investigator that came to church once but didnt like it because it was televised from the stake center to our little branch building and the feed kept getting messed up so it was just a bad day. So she really didnt like it and didnt want to come back again. we kept visiting her and trying to encourage her to go again. Well finally last saturday when we just decided to stop by real quick to invite her again and she seemed a lot different. We told her that this sunday was going to be extra special for Easter Sunday and that I was even going to talk and she was really excited to actually go again! she loved it! she was so happy that she said that she even wanted to go next week!  well im super short on time right now so i love you all and hope you are all doing good!!!!
love Elder Park 

April 14th 2014

hahahah taxes until late at night. classic... well thanks for doing mine... because i cant do them hahaha. ooo im excited! (to get his package) well i will try and tell you what i thought the theme was next week! well now im going to be looking super hard for that package everyday hahaha. Getting to really go around and serve people and meet a whole bunch of new people is the best! i couldnt ask for anything more so i know you are loving it too! hahah well ill try to follow those rules.... hahah jk i will follow them! love you!
Elder Park

Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 7th 2014

(To dennis) wow that sounds like that would be very interesting being a financial clerk, i think we dont have those now because there are so many senior missionaries that they can take care of all of that. man getting to tour the mission would be great too! Man conference was great!!!! My favorite would either be Elder Oaks, or Elder Uchtdorfs during the Priesthood session. they were so great! There were so many good ones though so its hard to pick! ya im going to be going onto to watch them over again for the next while when i have time. we werent able to have any investigators with us because a lot of the members were out of town during conference, but we can show clips from with some of them and im sure they will love it! Ya there is a lot of questions that i had never thought of till i got out here, so tell zach to go on exchanges with the missionaries more so that he hears some of them! hahaha dad you know im a spanish elder... hahah jk english work is fun too, just not as fun haha. Well when i get home i will have to really visit them a lot. over 100? (I have no Idea what nic is talking about here fyi) nice! ya i didnt even hear that there was a new captain america movie coming out until yesterday! well a clean house is where the spirit can reside, at least thats what they tell us when they tell us to clean our apartments hahahaa.ya that is something really great that i took from conference, daily family scripture study and prayer with weekly family home evening will be such an added strength for every family! I love y'all tons and hope you are doing great! 
Elder Park 

(To Brittney) Im doing great!!! conference was amazing! well my favorite one would either be Elder Oaks, or Elder Uchtdorfs both during the Priesthood session, but hey you can watch them now hahaha. something that stood out to me was that we need to stand up for what we believe in, whether it be passively or boldly this world is getting worse and worse and we, as members of the church, are a light in the darkness and we can shine for the world! ya the talk about the truck was a good one, i have never thought of it in that way before. The funny thing is that i know exactly what he was talking about because i have helped haul plenty of loads of wood hahaha. Well i watched some at the church and some with a member family in their home, and the last one on Sunday I even watched in spanish, it was really good! We were planning on having some investigators there but they werent able to come sadly. That is something big that i have learned while out here, there is so much that we take advantage of growing up in the church, even growing up in the church in Utah adds to it. but that doesn't mean that we cant change and be super grateful now! So something that i took from conference as well is that it is super important to read and pray everyday! i hope you are doing that! egualmente hermana te quierto muchisimo!

March 30th 2014

Well tell everyone that i say hello and that i love them! well thats good that yall are getting some snow! i heard that not much has fallen this year. Im glad you all made it safe. holy cow mom you need to slow down you crazy driver! hahaha i would say let zach drive but i don't know what is scarier! hahaha does he have his license yet? well tell everyone happy birthday for me! ya being clear out here and seeing how far away everyone is makes you realize how much you love and miss them when you cant really talk to them much so i see what you are saying. well thats good that you told them that because you wouldn't be lying! Im so excited fore conference this weekend, it was the most amazing experience last conference and i cant wait to see what this one has in store for me! I love you all and hope you are all doing great!
Elder Park 

March 24 2014

well i have a really short time this week because we are using the library that only lets us have an hour so it will be short this week but.  my companion and I have a surprise baptism this saturday! So the sisters who taught this super golden investigator are being transferred tomorrow and they are actually taking sisters out of our branch for a transfer because a lot of people have been getting their visas so there aren't that many sisters right now so we are taking over their area and we have a baptism this week. So I had a great surprise this week! well tell brandon congrats! (for getting a new car) and tell that bumb to write me back hahahaha im still waiting on his letter! well thats no good about your crash. (dad crashed on bike) i agree with mom you are going to killl youself one day! the work is going great and we are still teaching almost all of the people that we met!  well love you

i know exactly what you mean!!! right when i started to feel really comfortable in my last area and that I knew everyone and what to do, bam transfer. but hey i love it here and i got to meet a whole bunch of new people. Sister Bernhisel, our mission presidents wife, has a great quote that she loves using, "there is no comfort in the growth zone, and no growth in the comfort zone" its really true and i know that when we are content with where we are, thats when we get into trouble. Thats what satan wants, us to be okay with where we are and not progress. not like im trying to chastise you or anything ahhahah we have just been talking about that a lot recently because we had stake conference and they said that, so i thought i would share it. well i love you and hope you are doing really great!!!
Elder Park 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 10th 2014

wow that sounds pretty crazy! (ragnar)  the other day i ran 2 miles hahaha. I have been trying to get my companion to start running some more but its been hard. but im going to get on him some more and we are going to start running all the time, its starting to really warm up here so i think it will be better now. the only thing is that now with the hour change its dark again in the morn. so was that another ragnar? haha one of the only 3 songs i can play on the piano (my dad heard viva la vida which nic can play on the piano while he was running)  haha, well im glad that that helped you out! awe man!!! i wish we could play uno!!! our mission president said that we couldn't play board or card games here which is a bummer but thats okay. hahah wow Duchesne is starting to grow! (because they have a gym) well i hope you are having fun at the gym! Have a great day and week! and tell Grandpa Feliz CumpleaƱos! Things have been going really amazing out here! we have been finding a lot of people to teach and we are seeing so many miracles! This week we are going to be focusing on baptismal dates for everyone for the 12th of Aprill! so i hope we will have a really big service then! we have a few families that we are teaching so I hope it all goes well. We also have this super great family that we started to teach who said that they are married civilly because they know that that is right but they havent been married in any church because they havent found the right one yet, and my companion and I were just like well this is the one! hahah it was great! things are going great! love you and have a great day! drive safe too!
Elder Park 

March 3rd 2014

 ooo man you will be boating exactly 1 year since when i its flying by... well good luck with the long bike ride hahaha. so when is that triathalon y'all are doing? isnt it not this saturday but the next?  well just yesterday as we were fasting to be able to find a family to teach, we found one! We were knocking doors around a house where our dinner appointment was in about 30 minutes and trying to be effective as we could instead of just sitting at the members home for another 30 minutes. We knocked on this door and this really nice lady let us in.  We then taught her and her husband and man are they some elect people! fasting is so powerful! so ya we are finding a lot of people and we have a ton of potential it is great! things are really picking up! i love it! and i love y'all! 
Elder Park 

February 24th 2014

 the people in my new area are great! they are so nice and funny. Its weird talking with people in english, especially at church! the apartment is nice but i liked having a pond and a big yard better haha. He speaks a lot of english he had to learn in on the mission so its not like perfect but he is really good, its only little things that he gets wrong. hahah no i haven't played on it (swing set in his back yard) , i have done pull ups on it though! and to the other email hahah 60? it was 80 here!!!!! its crazy how hot it is here! and nice job on the bike! did you get a big gold medal? speaking of that how are the olympics going? ya its getting warm out here too. wow you sound like you are too busy for your own good hahah. wow im so proud of you! you are going to do great in the triathlon! HAHHAHAHAHAA he will never pass me up!!! (zach going to dances) when he goes to 3 proms in the same month like me then he can come and talk to me! he will be catching up on me for the next 2 years but when i get home im going to blow him out of the water hahaha. tell him to have fun at the dance! I have been trying to keep putting up pictures every once and a while so that y'all can see how im doing but i cant always do that because i like taking funny pics too! and i cant put those up on facebook until i get home haha. well i love y'all soooooo much and i hope you are all doing great! tell everyone hi and that i love them a ton!

February 17th 2014

 I just got transferred and I am now in a place called Silar city. my address is 402 Carolina Ave #B Silar City, NC 27344. my new companion is named Elder Sosa he is from Honduras, and he is crazy we have a ton of fun! he likes to challenge me all the time kinda like zach did and I tell him if he throws that at me im going to punch him, and then he does it and go and punch him. hahaha its really funny. its not bad fighting at all its really fun. the past few days have been really good weather but a few days before that we got like 6 inches of snow!!! it was great!! I loved it, but Elder Sosa being from Honduras isn't used to the snow and he really wanted to build his first snowman. So we went outside and made snowmen... big mistake! he got super sick and for the past few days we didn't leave the house! we didn't even go to church! the members are great out here though and we got a ton of soup that we have been eating and now he is feeling better but wow it was a crazy week! We did however get to do some work earlier in the week so that was good. Its crazy how many crazy things people can come up with about the Book of Mormon. One man said that it had to be false because Laban's sword couldn't have been made
 out of steel because they didn't have that back then in Jerusalem. The people out here are so crazy but at the same time I love it and it is super fun!!! but ya its pretty crazy out here! do get to district meeting we drive through the UNC campus and wow its crazy going through there, i feel so weird haha. so in my new area there is a man named Brother Oakley and he reminds me of you! he is really health conscious and he grows his own garden. Elder Sosa and I are going to help him plant and do all that probably sometime this month. isnt it crazy how they are going to start planting so early around here? So in my new area we are in a english branch with a spanish group that comes so we have to translate every sunday. its pretty weird talking with white people again haha. in this area we do all work in a certain area and then we do any spanish work that the sisters who are in our branch have so its pretty different! im going to start getting some crazy southern people now! im super excited! what was your most effective way to start teaching crazy southern people? well i hope you are doing great! i love and miss you tons!
Elder Park 

February 10th 2014

ya hahaha i remembered that i told everyone about the transfer and then i was like wait i dont think i told my family hhahahahaha so i made sure that it was in the letter. well if you can send it to my mission home address that is 6508 Falls of Neuse ste 100 Raliegh NC 27615. and i will get it. well im glad that you were comforted and im sure you did great! (Rae gave a talk saw a missionary and was comforted)  woooooowwwww no way is he old enough to go to dances!!!!! (zac) hahahaha i would call to tell you i was running late!!!!!!!! can he drive?????????????? awe mom stop crying hahhaa ya i was trying my best to just overload y'all with pictures! thats awesome that kevin is going to be a marine!!! i have seen some stuff on facebook and ya its crazy! oooo ya the snow shut down everything! they canceled our district meeting that we were going to have and instead we just had a zone conference call. ya pretty much no one wanted to leave their houses! they turned into turtles! ya it melted pretty quick! ya i have heard that the snow out there is not doing too good! i hope y'all get some snow to have fun at petersons cabin! hahaha dont let anyone who doesn't know how to ride follow you so they get stuck like last year hahaha! oooooo man you have to keep me filled in on the Olympics!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MERICA!!!!!!! well i love y'all soooo much! and im going to be sending home a box of stuff today becuase i have no room for all this stuff!! hahahah tell everyone that i love and miss them!
Elder Park

February 2nd 2014

(to Dennis) ya the other elders came home last night and told me what the score was at halftime and i was sooooo mad!!!! hahaha ya after it gets that bad you just turn it off and do something else. WHAT??????? wow thats crazy!!! no longer calling him bishop will be really weird! hahahah thats funny what he said about President Bigelow hahaha. where do you eat dinner when you do that? well we only get to go 3 times a year, and thats only because i am a spanish elder, the english missionaries only go 2 times a year but because we are spanish we get to do a session in spanish! i think the next time we go will be in a couple of months. hahaha well that is good that it was just a little problem and you didnt need to do a whole bunch of stuff to fix the engine! i hope it will sell nice and fast! ......well i ran today!!!  I have been having better exercises recently and now its starting to warm up more and we are going to start running again. love you!

(to Rae) ya it got pretty cold here but it wasn't too bad, the only thing was tracting was pretty cold hahah but i have that big coat that we got so i was nice and warm and with those gloves and i have a scarf so i was good and it SNOWED!!!! well i havent tried calling yet but i am planning on going to this Christian Store today to get some awesome t shirts so im going to do that today! WHAT???? you a triathlete? wow thats awesome!!!! haha well you will do great at the swimming if you put your mind to it, and wear those nose plug things hahaha good luck training for that!!! love you!!!

(to Brittney) my week has been pretty good!! we have been doing a lot more tracting because we don't have that many investigators right now and we are finding a lot of really nice people, and some crazy ones hahah.  well thats good that you are getting out a lot more and doing fun things like that! that is the first movie that I am going to watch when i get home, NAAACHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO! hahaha. well if you move out i guess i will be able to have my own room, so thats good but if you move far away i will miss you too much so dont go too far!!! haha and dont get married too fast!!  I love you tons!

Elder Park

January 27th 2014

yes!!!!!!!!! i hope they win! ya last week we had a Stake Conference to change up the stake presidency here because he is moving to florida. it was an awesome meeting, i dont really remember when President Bigelow was made Stake President so it was like my first one, it was weird but good. aaaah man i would kill to get on a sled hahahaha well i hope you get the thing running good! well i hope you have a great week! i love you so much and miss you tons!
p.s. tell President Taylor to keep an eye on his daughter for me hahahaha

January 21st 2014

im doing great!! yes i got the package and thank you for it! i had just ran out of waffle crisp and i was soo happy to get another one, i cant find them anywhere!!! i found a cheep imitation but it wasn't as good. So i have learned to make that stuff last!!!! I did get the card (credit card he lost his) so you can activate it! thank you! the next day after getting it we went running (which was a big mistake because i was sick all last week) but when we were on our way back to the house i looked down and noticed that i had the vest inside out! i felt pretty dumb hahaha. wow thats a lot of chicken!!! Ya sorry i haven't replied to those letters, the past few preparation days have been pretty crazy, but this next one i will reply to them! tell everyone i say hi and i love them! and tell Brandon im going to rofl stomp him when i get home! thats awesome that he started school, did he just start taking a few classes down at slcc?  wow thats sounds pretty great! 1st on the bike (my dads triathlon) ! we haven't biked for a while but im going to try to get Elder Mora to bike sometime this week because then its more exercise haha. well i wish i could be there to help you out with that engine, now i wish i would have payed more attention to what i was doing when i would help you out because a lot of stuff i dont know haha. now im just kinda like well i know how to change tires and brakes hahaha. ooooo you had to say it!! (that he has hit the six month mark on his mission)  you trying to kill me?? im in denial i just barely started my mission! but it is a great motivator to work hard!!! well i love you so much and hope you are all doing great!
 last week we had to translate for some people who want to buy some land to build a pentecostal church so we were going to talk with the spanish people and the local pentecostal leader. While we were there a person asked the new spanish sister "so you all speak spanish" and she said "well im still learning but these 3 do". And it made me step back and realize, wow i actually do know spanish! it was awesome! we didnt do much translating because the minister's daughter knew spanish and she did all of that. so we were just talking to a few people and this one man Pedro just flat out said pretty much hey can i have your number? it was awesome. hopefully we will have lessons with some of the people we talked to!
have a great week y'all!
Elder Park

my week has been pretty good so far! hahah the spanish sisters are doing good, i think. hahaha something i have noticed is that because the sister who is training only speaks english, because the first 15 months of her mission has been english speaking, they really only speak english to each other. i think that is really hindering her from learning spanish. and i don't think she will let go of the fact of as spanish missionaries, we don't do white work hahaha. we have been struggling to find new people to teach for a while so recently we have just started to go to the last resort and go tracting, i don't like it but we have got some potential that i hope pans out..  i love you too! have an amazing week!!!!
Elder Park